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What if I want to drive beyond the range of my home (or workplace) charger?
There may be a convenient public chargers at your destination....more conductive chargers are being installed every day.

  • Public charging increases your daily range
  • Public charging makes Electric Vehicles more visible
  • Public charging is always free...most sites offer free parking
  • Site address, zip code, and Thomas Map page is listed when available
  • Sites are "Level 2", and conductive vehicles like Honda EV+ and Ford Ranger EV

California Conductive Lists:

Los Angeles County -- Ventura, Santa Barbara, Central Coast

Orange County -- San Diego County -- Riverside and San Bernadino

Sacramento and Central Valley -- San Francisco Bay Area

Arizona Conductive Listings:

Pima County Maricopa County

Southern States Listings:

Atlanta Region

Birmingham Coming Soon

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What if I need more detailed driving directions? Check out the EV1 club's list of "Inductive" chargers...includes directions, GPS data, and useful information for many sites with conductive charging. Or visit Calstart's new site:

Edison EV has been replaced by Clean Fuel Connections, a subsidiary of Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District (SMUD). The EdisonEV web site has out-of-date information.

Report charge station problems to EVI (530-823-8077) or SMUD/Clean Fuel Connection's EV hotline (888-890-4638).

If you want to install a charging station at your site, contact Clean Fuel Connections at 888-890-4638.

More and more public chargers are being installed every day---but What if I want to drive beyond the range of today's public charging?

Here's a list of Other Locations with 220 volt outlets outside the EV market areas where you may arrange to use a portable charge connector.

If you need a portable 220 volt conductive charge connector, you can purchase the low-cost Avcon "Power Pack" from Meltric Corp for $350. EVI also sells a compact portable charge coupler. The compact "Power Pack", like other conductive charge stations, meet stringent safety requirements (including NEC 625/UL/SAE J1772), and comes prewired with a 32 amp Avcon connector (for EVplus, Ranger EV, AC Propulsion Tzero etc). Avcon is at: (800) 433-7642. Once you have a "Power Pack", your electrician can attach a cord and appropriate 220 volt plug to match the outlet type you plan to use.